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Tax Info

Ama's Originals shares information about taxes.

Ama's Originals hates taxes as much as you do! However, because I am now a "legitimate" business, I have to charge sales tax, when appropriate. As an online business, that can make things a little complicated.

Tax Information

How do I charge sales tax?

I don't. I let Laughing Bear handle all that kind of stuff.

Ok, so it's really pretty simple. So far. (You never know when the so-called "representatives" in Washington will screw this all up.) As of March of 2017, businesses that operate on the web fall into two categories (mostly). Those that have a physical presence (like a brick and mortar store) and those that don't. Companies that have a "corporate presence", i.e., a store or warehouse, must charge sales tax in that state. No "corporate presence" outside New Mexico describes Ama's Originals. I don't have any satellite stores or remote warehouse locations.

We operate primarily on the internet, but I do have a few customers here in New Mexico. As a result, I am obligated to charge sales tax to New Mexico residenents and submit payment to the state. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that. We like it here! Why not be part of the support mechanism?

What does that mean to you, my customer?

Basically, if you don't live in New Mexico, you don't get charged sales tax. If you live in New Mexico, I'll charge you sales tax. I don't know how much. That's why I have Laughing Bear.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or him, via the methods on the Contact page.