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Shipping Info

Ama's Originals wants you to know about Shipping.

Ama's Originals shipping times and shipping rates are important to us. That's why we have decided to use USPS (United States Postal Service) as our exclusive carrier. There is also a kind of glossary about the terms you'll see on the product pages.

Ok, there's a really simple reason. We live in southwestern New Mexico in a city that is ocnsidered a rural postal district. The significance of that to us is that we live on the wrong side of the street for postal delivery. You're shocked? So were we when we arrived! However, taking a trip to the Post Office meant we got to meet the staff. Lovely, wonderful folks who genuinely care about their customers.

It's also just a mile from home, so it's super convenient. We have a PO box, thanks to living on the wrong side of the street, which means we get to visit a couple of times a week. They always have a smile for me and ask about LaughingBear, every time. (He's very popular there!)

Shipping Times

In other words, how long will it take for your order to arrive?

The answer is simpler than you might think.

First I must mention that almost EVERY order that comes in is a custom order. I have to make the products. On very rare occasions, I'll have EXACTLY what you want in stock. Depending on the product, the process can take from one to three days. In some cases, it could take longer. (The product pages will have more on this.)

Since I use USPS Priority Mail packaging whenever possible, you'll receive your order within three days. That three days is counted from the date I send the package and send you the notification that your order has shipped. The notification I send will also include the USPS tracking number, so you can check online to see where your package is.

To give you an idea of how long it will take, here's the map from the USPS. It shows how long it should take to get from here (the red marker) to anywhere in the country. (Alaska and Hawaii aren't on this map but Laughing Bear assures me they are within the three day coverage.)

USPS Priority Delivery Zones

Shipping Rates

As mentioned above, the vast majority of my shipments are going out through the US Postal Service. Whenever possible, I'll use the "If It Fits, It Ships" Priority Mail boxes or envelopes. That means, of course, that the bigger your order, the bigger the box. Regardless of the size, I'll do my best to get it into one of these boxes.

Laughing Bear is the one that will do the research on any faster service. (He's the one putting this information together and I trust him to be thorough and complete.)

An order that requires overnight shipping will be a challenge. As you can see by the map above, we can't even get a package to Albuquerque by tomorrow!

We're really in the middle of nowhere! I'd have to get the order ready, which can take a day or more, then get it into the hands of an overnight shipper early enough in the day that it can go out. As you can see, that makes overnight shipping less likely.

For information on the USPS Pirority Mail rates, visit the USPS web site.

Shipping Terms

That title is a little misleading (to me). Laughing Bear wanted to include a sort of dictionary of what I mean when I say I'll ships within <insert timeframe here>.

I know, that sounds a little goofy, but he has this thing for making sure folks understand. (He is a former technical instructor, after all.)

Ships within 24 hours

This description applies to items in stock only. All orders for custom products, i.e., an item that requires me to create it, requires time to assemble and cannot ship with 24 hours.

Ships within 48 hours

This description applies to any single item ordered in a simple configuration, i.e., a single soap. Such items can take up to a day to complete.

Custom Order

A Custom Order refers to any item that consists of higher complexity, i.e., multiple colors / layers etc.


In ALL cases, I will let you know right away if there's any foreseen delay in the production of your order.
I will ALWAYS let you know when the order ships, along with the tracking number. At the very least, you can refer to the map above to see when your order should arrive. You can use the tracking number at the USPS web site (link above) to see where your order is along the way. (It's sometimes interesting to see the stops the order makes while traveling!)