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Ama's Originals Returns & Exchanges

Ama's Originals hopes you want to keep everything you buy, but...

Online purchases don't always meet our expectations. Sometimes it's a poorly presented image or less full description, but sometimes it's just something that's little bit off.

If you're seriously disappointed in the product you received from Ama's Originals, please, oh please, let me know! I try very hard to make each product the way YOU want it. Send me an email or give me a call. I won't try to talk you out of your decision, but I'd REALLY like to know the reason!


My sincere hope is that you want one of my products and enjoy it. I also hope that if the product you received was close, but “not quite right”, you'll let me try to make it right. In that case, I'll arrange an exchange! Basically, send me back the one you don't like, tell me what you don't like about it and what you'd prefer. Once I get the returned version, I'll get the “corrected” version out to you.

If the product is one that is affected by use, such as a soap or a candle, and you used it and don't like the “feel” of it, the texture or the “fit”, we'll chat. Think of it like getting a bottle of soda, drinking some of it and returning the rest. I may not be able to use the “remainder” of your product. (It's one of those health and safety kind of issues.)


If you don't like it so much that you'd just rather get your money back, I'll be disappointed, sure, but I'd much prefer that you're not disappointed. So, contact me and let me know you're going to return the soap. When I get it back, I'll process the return of your money through PayPal (since that's my payment processor).


I realize that sometimes items arrive and either sit in the box for a while, or maybe it's a gift for someone else. I strongly encourage you NOT to order a product as a gift to be given 6 months from now! (Sorry early Christmas/Birthday shoppers!) With that in mind, once I see, by the shipper tracking information, that your soap has been delivered, you have 30 days to request an exchange or refund.


If you return your product, for either reason, please keep it in the packaging I used to send it to you. I don't charge restocking fees. (My “warehouse” isn't that big!)

I'll ask you to pay to ship it back to me. Once I get it, I'll check the condition and process your exchange or refund. If you request a refund, that amount won't include my shipping to get it to you.*

A Note About Shipping

I always try to package your products securely. I've had a really good success rate so far! BUT, if your package arrives looking like it was used as a dog chew toy, contact the shipper. When I hand it across the counter, it's a perfectly good shipping container. Somewhere between southwestern New Mexico and where you are, SOMETHING got hold of it. (Please let me know about it, too!)

A Note About Aromas

Aromas are a very personal and subjective topic. With many, it can be a love / hate relationship! For instance, some people LOVE patchouli, others can't stand it.

Aromas are also triggers to some of our strongest memories.

If the aroma in my product isn't what you expected, I'm sorry. If it's too strong or too weak, that's something I can probably fix. (I can adjust the amount of aroma in any blend.)

If, however, the aroma you ordered isn't AT ALL what you expected, let me know! Also, let me offer an alternative to sending a product back and forth several times until you like it. I have what I call “Sample Balls”. I suggest using them as a “test” for your nose! You can find out more here (link).

Returned or exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original packaging.

*Shipping is one of those things that most businesses don't refund. I've been asked why? It's really pretty simple. While the cost of making the product and the price to sell it belong entirely to me, the cost of shipping goes to someone else (the carrier). It's not like I can go to them and say, “I have an unhappy customer, so give me back what I paid you to carry it.”