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Oils (Aromas) Page

Ama's Originals oils page is where you'll find information about the two types of oil I use and the differences between them.

All of my soap products are available with either Essential Oil aromas or Fragrance Oil aromas.

These same aromas are available in my Aromatherapy bags, too.

Essential Oils

Currently, there are twenty-two (22) different types of Essential Oils available:

Cedarwood AtlasLemongrass
Cedarwood VirginiaLime
CitronellaMelaleuca (Tea Tree)
CloveOrange Valencia
GeraniumSage Dalmatian
GrapefruitScotch Pine
Lavender 40-42Spearmint
Lavender HungarianTangerine

Fragrance Oils

There are also fourteen (15) Fragrance Oils available:

AppleGreen Chili
BlueberryGreen Fig
Cherry AlmondKey Lime Pie
Cranberry FigSatsuma
Cucumber KiwiSunny Herb Garden
Fruit Punch 

Essential vs. Fragrance

The Simple Answer

It boils down to natural vs. synthetic. That also means a difference in composition and price.

Essential oils are derived from plants and are thought to have therapeutic value. They are also more expensive to produce. These oils can also be volatile, meaning they can be ignited.

Fragrance oils are synthetic, not therapeutic, and non-volatile. They are also less expensive. Simply put, they smell nice.


Depending on the product you want scented, the aroma can be more or less intense. (Some soaps are difficult to intensify.)

You can, of course, mix and match aromas to your liking! A blend of citruses can create an invigorating scent. A blend of mints can be reminiscent of youth.

Many of these scents are simply soothing, which makes them a wonderful addition to one of our aromatherapy bags.

Both are skin safe and perfect for use in bath and body products so deciding which option to go with when choosing your Ama's Originals soap is up to you. It's the aroma that counts!

Whatever concerns you may have heard about Essential Oils have been condidered for you. I'm always on the lookout for the safest and best products for my customers.