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Ama's Originals is just like you when it comes the interwebs. There's no way to stay in one place!

Ama's Originals not only cruises the web looking for things to use in the store, but also gets distracted by the shiny stuff! Ok, so it's not always shiny and sometimes it's not stuff. There are quite a few friends on the other side of the computer screen. Let's start with the People!

Some of Ama's Originals favorite Authors

I did say SOME. If I were to list ALL my favorite authors, this would become a tl;dr page! But I don't want to leave anybody off the list either!

So, I'll rattle them off to LaughingBear and whatever his ears catch goes here! In no particular order:

  • Jennifer Theriot
  • Kelly Cozzone
  • RE Hargrave
  • Julia Lake Mills
  • Jennifer Bene
  • Deanndra Hall
  • Lori King
  • Angel Payne
  • Victoria Blue
  • Cynthia Sax
  • LK Shaw
  • TJ Timms
  • Andrea Wood
  • Teri Riggs
  • Stephanie Reynolds
  • Sloan Johnson
  • Nicky Jayne
  • Jacquelyn Ayres
  • Jenna Fox
  • Chip Davis
  • Amy Jarecki
  • Laci Paige
  • Nikki Lynn Barrett
  • Diane Rinella
  • Sarah Marsh
  • Bria Starr
  • Ada Frost
  • Jill Sanders
  • PK Hrezo
  • Christina Mandara
  • Jenna Jacobs
  • Avery Gale
  • Niquel
  • Kimberly Kennedy
  • Eva Pohler
  • Anne Conley
  • Angela Pratt
  • Measha Stone

Some of Ama's Originals favorite Folks

I couldn't have this list without these people!

Again, not ALL my favorites, but the ones I could think of. Some of them though are very near and dear to my heart.

  • Sandy Ebel
  • Eric David Battershell
  • Rhonda Butterbaugh
  • Beth Bachman
  • Lindsay Cashman
  • Seth Cashman
  • Tiffany Melone
  • Amanda Dombroski
  • Samantha Holland
  • Janet Elise Fields-Himes
  • Meggan Seidelmann

Some of Ama's Originals favorite Place

Preety much these are place where I've either felt most at peace or truly enjoyed my family. Sometime both.

Again, not ALL my favorites, but the ones I could think of.

  • Sequoia National Park
  • Kings Canyon National Park
  • Gila Cliff Dwellings
  • Old Furnace State Park
  • The Dells