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Ama's Originals is committed to providing you with the best experience on the web. That committment extends from this web site, to the blog, to the estore.

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You can use any of the contact methods you find on this page, or use the contact form on the blog/store site.

Social Media

We all know that our society can no longer survive without social media. There are MANY choices for where to be social on the internet. I have chosen to focus on four. You can find me on:


Everybody's on Facebook. Ok, maybe not EVERYBODY, but pretty close! You can find Ama's Originals Facebook Page here.


If they're not on Facebook, they're on Twitter. Well, so am I! You can find Ama's Originals on Twitter here. You can tag me with @AmasOriginals.


Pinterest is like the scrapbook of the internet! Not only can you save your own items of interest, you can like and pin from other folks. (Laughing Bear is actually pretty good with Pinterest.) I'm still getting comfortable with it. You can find Ama's Originals on Pinterest here.


Instagram. My stepdaughters are all apparently intimately familiar with Instagram. I have a tiny clue. Laughing Bear says he "knows nothing"! I may hit up the girls for tips and tricks, but in the meantime, I'll do my best. You can find Ama's Originals on Instagram here.


While we both have a wide variety of email accounts, these are the best addresses if you want to make sure Ama's Originals gets your message.You can send email to Ama's Originals, to Ama or to Laughing Bear.

You can copy and paste the addresses below to your mail provider of choice, or use the link to open your default mail program.

Ama's Originals can be reached at: Link

One very important email address is for Customer Service: Link

All of the technical stuff behind the scenes is being handled by Laughing Bear, my husband, my tech guru, my rock. If you see something on the web/blog/store that doesn't seem to work right, let him know! If there are things you like about how it all works, let him know that, too! (I'd like to keep him happy here, too!)
He can be reached at: Link

If you want to send Ama a personal message, contact her here: Link

Laughing Bear can be contacted here: Link


Our mailing address is:

Ama's Originals
P.O. Box 502
Bayard, NM 88023


Sorry, we don't have a toll free number. Maybe when we've grown up!

Call us, at 575 / 342-1198 Monday-Saturday from:

  • 8am - 5pm, Pacific
  • 9am - 6pm, Mountain
  • 10am - 7pm, Central
  • 11am - 8pm, Eastern