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Bags and Totes

Ama's Originals Bags & Totes page offers an overview of all things for carrying stuff!

This is where you'll find Ama's Originals brief descriptions of the various types and sizes, with links to the individual product pages. For a look at the various fabrics I have in stock, please visit my Fabrics page.

The Bag Types

There are a few different types of bags in the Ama's Originals catalog. There are aromatherapy packs, backpacks, small, medium and large totes.

There are subtle design differences within each category as well. Take a stroll through the dropdown sections below to get a better idea.

  • Aromatherapy
    Head and Neck Pack

    17 by 6 inches (43.2 by 15.25 cm)

    Head and Neck Pack Product Page

    Muscle Pack

    14 by 10 inches (35.5 by 25.4 cm)

    Muscle Pack Product Page

    Sinus Pack

    12 by 6 inches (30.5 by 15.25 cm)

    Sinus Pack Product Page

    Half Back Pack

    12 by 20 inches (30.5 by 50.8 cm)

    Half Back Pack Product Page

    Whole Back Pack

    24 by 20 inches (61 by 50.8 cm)

    Whole Back Pack Product Page

  • Backpack
    Style 1

    Elements of this style include a drawstring top inside, a flip down top, two side pockets and a front pocket. Hook and loop strips keep the top flap outer pockets closed.

    Backpacks Product Page

    Style 2

    Elements of this style include a zipper pocket on the front fact and bungee cord tie down atop the pocket. No other outside pockets.

    Backpacks Product Page

  • Small Tote

    The Pocketbook is basicallly an open purse. It's a good size for a paperback book or a tablet device, with room for the other essentials and a pocket inside and out.

    10 x 7 inches (25.4 x 17.8 cm)

    Pocketbooks Product Page

    Small Tote

    The Small Tote is the same size as the Pocketbook, but without pockets. Great for carrying supplies to the beach!

    10 by 7 inches (25.4 by 17.8 cm)

    Small Totes Product Page

  • Medium Tote
    Venue Bag

    The Venue Bag, was designed with a specific purpose in mind. With the growing security concerns at various venues, transparent bags are becoming popular and even required. This style is similar to the small tote in shape, but a bit larger to accommodate more "stuff".

    12 x 11 inches (30.5 by 27.9 cm)

    Venue Bag Product Page

  • Large Tote

    This is the kind of bookbag you might find at conventions or trade shows. It now also appears at book signing events. It's great for carrying around all the swag you pick up, along with those special books.

    16 by 10 inches (40.6 by 25.4 cm)

    Bookbags Product Page

    Diaper Bag

    Ama's Originals allows moms and dads, or expecting moms and dads, to customize their diaper bag! Mom can have one of her own and so can dad. These are usually custom made, with the parents choosing a fabric reflecting their taste. Configurable with a variety of pocket quantities and positions.

    10 by 16 inches (25.4 by 40.6 cm)

    Diaper Bags Product Page

    Messenger Bags

    Messenger bags have become popular in recent years for two reasons: Lots of room and easy access. You can choose to have some type of closure mechanism, such as a button, snap or hook and loop, or none.

    11 by 19 inches (27.9 by 48.2 cm)

    Messenger Bags Product Page

    Shoulder Bag

    As you might guess, shoulder bags have a longer strap to make it easy to throw it over your shoulder and go. Similar in many ways to the diaper bag, these bags have an open top, with many options for internal and external pockets.

    12 by 16 inches (30.5 by 40.6 cm)

    Shoulder Bags Product Page