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Well Hi there, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am so glad to have you stop by and say hello. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and let me introduce myself.

While I go by many names, Annette, Annie, Hunny, Mom and Gran, just to name a few, one that is special to my heart is Ama. Many years ago the moniker came about when a group of friends, you know those ones who become family, would get together and enjoy food, fun and frivolity. As I was the oldest, I took on the mom role in our little clan. Many of us hold the Native American culture dear to our hearts and in our genetics. As the word ama translates to mom, this is how I came to the name Ama Laughingbear. While time and distance have separated our clan, they still hold very special places in my heart.


I was born in New Jersey, please don't hold that against me, and grew up in the small town of Fairview. You can find Fairview in the southern half of the state just across the bridge from Philadelphia. It is one of those small towns were everyone knew who you were and what you were doing. We played in the streets and could drop by any house for a drink and a snack. I married young and we have two amazing children.

While that marriage did not last, I was luckier the second time around and found my best friend. We have been together since 2002 and I have three awesome bonus daughters. Rounding out our “brady bunch” is my eldest who was placed for adoption when she was born and reunited with our family in 2008. With five girls and one boy they keep us on our toes and have gifted us with three granddaughters and three grandsons spread from the east coast to the west coast.


While I was born and raised in New Jersey, my wandering soul did not stay there. Over the years I have lived in Colorado, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, California and currently live in New Mexico. My longest stint was in Rhode Island and while it has some beautiful places to entice a person, it is just too cold in the winter and sticky in the summer. My heart has found its home here in the wilds of New Mexico. Plus, the weather isn't too bad in my little corner. I have plenty of places to visit and recently enjoyed my first cruise (not in New Mexico). I just may have to do that again.

"Real World" Work

While I am enjoying starting this venture, I unfortunately still have to pay the bills. I have my “day job” until such time as Ama's is a booming success. What is that day job you ask? Well I am in retail management. While my kids were little, I worked many retail jobs that could be scheduled around my husband and kids' schedules. I found, that for the most part I enjoy customer service and the retail environment. Once the nest was empty, I took on more responsibility and went into management. Most days I love it. I have downsized from the big box retailer and have been the head honcho for a while. Now I let someone else work the crazy hours, and take the heat when something is fubar. I enjoy going home at the end of my shift and not taking the store home with me.

Wait, Who's that LaughingBear?

While I explained where the Ama came in, I seemed to have neglected the Laughingbear. He is my rock, my sanity and my best friend. We are in this adventure together, while I create the products, he is the mastermind behind pretty much everything else. Tech support, marketing, graphics design are just a few of the hats he wears around here. I even get him into the creative process sometimes! He truly is the driving force of this adventure and surely keeps me on my toes, when I am not making him crazy.