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Welcome to my home away from home, Ama's Originals. I am sure you are asking yourself, who is Ama and just what are Originals. Well, the answer to the first part is easy. I am Ama Laughingbear and this is my shop. You can find out more about me here (insert link). I sell handmade, original creations for you and your home. It all started so simply about seven years ago in Fresno.

The Beginning

If I remember correctly, and that's a big IF, it all started with candles. I bought one of those kits at the local craft shop, thinking how hard could it be? Those are famous last words for sure. The candles sort of came out alright but not 100% fantastic. Then I whipped out the old sewing machine and started making bags, seemed pretty easy. What it is is crack ... one hundred percent addictive! Next thing I know, I have a drawer full of fabric and that leads to needing those oh so cute buttons and bows. Before hubby could stop me I needed a second bedroom for all the stuff and I was still looking at new fabric, patterns, etc. Then someone says “Oh how cute!” and “Can I get one?' now my hobby is sprouting into a home business.

The Growth Spurt

Now, as you browse, you will find that soap has become my new obsession and the need for more space has driven hubby's stuff mostly to the basement. Lucky for me he loves me and puts up with my encroachment. Once again it started with one of those kits. It was a lot of fun, much easier than candles and I was happier with the results. Those kits truly are the gateway drug of crafting though.

I started looking at everything in the context of “wouldn't that be awesome as soap”. I found myself trolling crafting sites, buying molds like they were going out of style. Then came the different kinds of soap, colorants, essential and fragrance oils. Now I am learning to embed soap in soap and looking at water soluble paper for truly one of a kind products. That second bedroom is now stocked full, literally to the ceilings with the tools of my new trade. I think I have found my niche in the unique. I can make you a motorcycle soap in pretty much any color you want and scent it to your liking.

I have combined two of my passions (reading and crafting), to create unique swag for some of my favorite authors. These are small soaps that represent their stories and are packaged with their logo or book covers, that the authors giveaway to readers.

The Web

That brings us right back here to, because every business needs a place on the interwebs. If you're looking for a unique gift, some awesome party favors or swag to promote your latest blockbuster hit, then you've come to the right place. If you have something in mind that you don't find, no worries, just click on the contact button over on the right and let me know what you're looking for. I am pretty resourceful at finding it.

Take a look around! There's quite a bit to explore.